Jessica talks about Earth Ministry's involvement with the Native American Lummi tribe, breaks down Pope Francis' Encyclical on creation care, and why taking care of the Earth can no longer be optional for people of faith.  

Joe Davis comes into the SPU studio to talk about his role as a traveling poet, his identity as an activist and teacher, how art can be transforming, and unveils his top two role models; Dr. King and Dr. Seuss.  Joe even closes out the interview by performing one of his pieces, Dreamer's Manifesto 

Kaitlin talks about SPU culture as a former undergrad and current Seminarian, growing up Seventh-day adventist, and her passions (as well as advice) in Feminist theology. 

Brady Rector talks about living in Bible Belt as a Christian Libertarian, if we should sacrifice liberty for safety, and how much the Government should help out with the poor and oppressed.  

May 24, 2015

Seminarian: Hany Salah

Hany talks about what it meant to go from Egyptian Pharmacist/Church Planter to a Seattle Seminarian.  His shift from religious persecution in Egypt to wrestling with comfort in America.  And some advice for short term missionaries trying to save the world.  

On the first episode of the Dead Sea Podcast: Patrick Dayton talks about John Wesley's could-have-been basketball career, Kendrick Lamar being the best Christian rapper, and how he feels White people should respond to social injustice.  

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